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  • Get outside your warm market

    Through the TERRAfit model of creating teams, you're able to naturally expand outside your warm market quickly and effectively. Introducing new prospects to essential oils and their uses through the TERRAfit program is simple and fun!

  • Convert product users to product sharers

    Your product users naturally become 'sharers' when they engage in the TERRAfit Challenge

  • Activity = Income - Engage business builders in volume producing activities

    The TERRAfit program moves volume; it's that simple. When your business builders begin creating teams of TERRAfit participants you'll see an increase in group volume, Monthly Order participation and rank advancements. Everybody Wins!

  • Reactivate and Invigorate your entire team

    This is a new, fun and engaging way to build your business. Many independent Business Owners are experiencing newfound success using the TERRAfit model. As a TERRAfit coach, it's easy to invite people to a fitness challenge and to stay engaged with them during the 12 week program.

  • Receive training on How to Grow Your Business

    Be becoming a coach, we help you learn how to transition TERRAfit participants into becoming business owners. Become a coach today and inspire your team members to do the same!

It's Simple & Easy to Become a TERRAfit Coach!

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    Participate in the next challenge


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    Have participated in a previous challenge

  • Go through the coach's tutorials

  • Take the TERRAfit coaching quiz

I have been able to meet people from around the country, hear their story, meet them where they are at in their journey, help them make connections or find new resources and celebrate their milestones.

- Wendy Gale

I didn’t join TERRAfit to become a coach. To my absolute amazement, people started watching me and asking me questions about how I had changed my life. They wanted to do it to, and wanted ME to be their coach! It has turned into a great business for me and I’m amazed at how many people have changed their lives with me and TERRAfit! My business is growing fast and it’s because this program WORKS!!

- Sheri Brasier

After TERRAfit changed my life, it just seemed natural to want to share that opportunity for change with others and become a TERRAfit coach. I have been able to share the power of essential oils with people who would have never been interested otherwise. TERRAfit has blessed my life a lot, and I look forward to continuing to help others get TERRAfit!

- Shelly Walker